"It is time for some real action!"
Professional Soccer League United

PSL United Matthews Trophy

Welcome to PSL United

In 2016, the St. Thomas FC equipment company Professional Soccer League United will commence competition. Ten professional men's teams from around the United States will clash forty times, in pursuit of the vaunted Sir Stanley Matthews PSLU Trophy. The four teams at the top of the table, will advance to the post season. A four team playoff, with a two game series in the Semi finals, will determine, which two teams advance to the PSLU Final. The PSLU Final will be a single championship game, to determine the league winner. The official ball of the league will be the St. Thomas FC Cup Final Game Soccer Ball. The PSLU will offer supporters 90 minutes of quality soccer action, and unparalleled access, to the players, and coaches! Each team will feature its own fully costumed mascot, to enhance the excitement. Further, supporters will be able to follow their respective team on the road, via live television webcasts of all games. It is time for some real action, can you play all eleven positions?